Man kills BBC presenter’s wife and daughters with crossbow

police United kingdom A was arrested. 26-year-old man suspected of ‘selectively’ killing BBC presenter’s wife and daughters In the north London

Police launched a large-scale operation on Tuesday evening to search for them. Kyle Clifford whose photo was widely published in the British media.

Found in Enfield, A town north of London about 20 kilometres from the town of Bushey, where they were Carol Hunt was killed, the wife 61-year-old BBC radio presenter John Hunt And two for him Louise’s daughters, From 25 to Hannah, 28 years.

Hertfordshire Police said Clifford was “receiving medical treatment after being found with injuries”, without specifying where the suspect was found.

John Hunt and his daughters.jpg

John Hunt and his daughters Louise, 25, and Hannah, 28.

UK: Arrest made of BBC presenter’s wife and daughters’ killer

the police A local resident said he received a phone call Tuesday evening to go to a house where… Bushy, where The victims were declared dead. By emergency services.

Hertfordshire Police Chief Constable John Simpson said investigators estimate that The attack was “selective” against the victims. He described the event as “a Horrific incident Involving what is currently believed to be a crossbow.”

the Police said Wednesday they believe Clifford “was known to the victims.” He stated that “at the present time, Nobody is looking for him Regarding the investigation.”

Interior Minister, Yvette Cooper, He described this attack as: “very shocking” On social network X. Investigators conducted searches at an address in Enfield, the city where the suspect was arrested.

The BBC described the crime by John Hunt’s family as “absolutely horrific” and sent its condolences to the broadcaster.

BBC Radio Five Live, where John Hunt works, sent an internal memo to its staff stating that: The drama is “absolutely horrible.” “our Ideas with John And his family He added at this very difficult time.

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A woman who lives near the scene said she heard “high-pitched” screams coming from the house on Tuesday, and then “chaos” broke out when armed police arrived and told neighbors to “stay in their homes.”

Possession of a Bow and crossbow You do not need a specific permit in the UK, but it is illegal to carry a permit in a public place without reasonable cause.

in 2021, A man entered the complex. Windsor Castle Armed with Bow and crossbow He said that he has The goal was to kill Queen Elizabeth II.For which he was convicted last year and sentenced to nine years in prison.

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