Majo Quiroga debuted at the World Cycling Championships in Cascais

After several days of fixing with the Argentine selection of modified cycling in Cascais, Portugal, San Juan Maria Jose “Mago” Quiroga made her debut in the World Road Championships that began Thursday in the 33-minute trial period. kilometres.

Mago, with his guide Michaela Barroso, at the Estoril track, took to the track with a number 331 on their backs and set a time of 1:05:03:20, where they were placed 15th.

“It had all the spices to be a fairly tough competition: the wind, the climb and finally we got to 15th. We are so happy, happy and proud that we were able to drop everything, because we had nothing left. The truth is we feel better than we did,” Quiroga said. In Belgium, in this competition there were more tandems, and there were the best in the world, who were already ranked at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.”

“We know this is a process, it’s hard work, we have to keep training, we have to keep moving forward, and we’ve been doing this sport together for a very short time,” added the woman from San Juan.

The winning duo consisted of a native of the United Kingdom, Laura Fachey with her guide Corinne Hall, who spent a time of 0:48:28:38. The rating is as follows:

1st Lora Fachie 0:48:28:38 GBR

2° Dunlevy Katie-George 0:48:59:10 IRL

3 ° Putyra Dominica 0: 50: 05: 60 POL

4° Unwin Sophie 0:50:42:58 GBR

15 ° MARIA JOSE QUEROGA 1: 05: 03: 20 ARG

Mago, the high performance team athlete, is adding to her personal account her second international competition this year, which is really important to consider in the context of global health.

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The competition for “La Pique” will continue next Saturday at six o’clock Argentina time, in the same circuit in which it was fought on Thursday. It will be his second and last World Cup show.

Next Sunday, on the thirteenth day, he will return to Argentina, and on Wednesday, the 16th, he will go to San Juan to continue his training, pending confirmation of the dates of the next competition.

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