This is how a solar eclipse occurred in the northern hemisphere

Paris, France: Residents of the northern hemisphere were able to enjoy Thursday in the sky, protecting their eyes, eclipse partial sun Which cut a strip of almost 500 km in length stretching from Canada to Siberia, passing through Europe.

At the height of this call eclipse CancellationThe moon slowly slid in front of the sun, leaving a thin luminous ring behind its black disk called “ring of fire“.

This scene is reserved for a small number of residents of higher latitudes, in the northwest شمال Canada, far north Russia, North West green land.

Photo: AFP

Above Kanak in Greenland, the northernmost city in the globe, disk concealment has arrived 90 percent.

However, the phenomenon was visible, albeit only partially, in North America, part of Europe and north Asia.

Photo: AFP

A must have for astronomy lovers and curiosity protect your eyes Using special glasses or observing the event by projection, because looking directly at the sun can cause irreversible burns to the retina.

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On LondonWhere the moon hid 20 percent From the sun, observers were able to see the eclipse through the clouds.

This is the first 2021 solar eclipseand the sixteenth of the twenty-first century. This astronomical phenomenon occurs when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are perfectly aligned.

If the eclipse occurs when the Moon is at its farthest point in its path around the Earth, its apparent diameter is smaller and the eclipse is annular, leaving a visible luminous ring.

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(Photo by Kina Bettancourt/AFP)

A total eclipse, which briefly immerses a part of the planet in darkness, occurs when the Moon is closest and its apparent diameter is equal to or greater than the diameter of the Sun as seen from Earth.

next one total eclipse It will be held on December 4, but will only be visible from Antarctica.

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