Luxurious tennis for USA coach Greg Berhalter, who appeared in the match against the Tri

The North American strategist came up with an unusual hunt for a national coach (Photo: ETIENNE LAURENT/EFE/File)

Fashion is not far off, this time the protagonist Greg Berhalter, specific United State. Last Friday’s showdown against tripartite, Berhalter took to the field with a tennis court worthy of a collectible; The model that the strategist wore was “Nike Air Jordan 1 Low” In cooperation with the French brand Dior.

The tennis silhouette is one of the most sought after in the tennis world. sport shoesIn fact, the only way to get it currently is by reselling, either from a personal seller or from different platforms. Prices range from 8 thousand US dollars to 15 thousand US dollars On various websites that guarantee their authenticity such as Stock X o Cargo Playground.

However, the model presented by Berhalter In the commitment in front of Mexican national team It’s not the most expensive special edition that Nike launched with Dior in June of last year. The high silhouette, which has a “boot” style, can reach 45 thousand US dollars in some special size.

This is the version "high"Model "Little" It is a silhouette of the floor, i.e. it does not cover the ankle (Image: Archive)
This is the “high” version, and the “low” model is a flat silhouette, that is, it does not cover the ankle (Photo: archive)

This is not the first time that Greg Berhalter He steps out on the bench in special edition tennis shoes, and he’s donned other supermodels that are the subject of collectors’ desire. Although those appreciated are roughly North American brands, nikeSame shepherds For all the stars and stripes.

The 48-year-old strategist was also seen wearing the Nike “Jordan 4” and “6” models, pieces that are a constant in the public eye. Athletic Shoe Managers.

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The next match for the United States will be against Jamaica. Now, in addition to being aware of his tactical approach to retaining leadership Octagon Rombo A Qatar 2022There will also be predictions about which shoes will be used in the Caribbean.

Greg Berhalter will keep tennis and football residents expected (Photo: Bienvenido Velasco/EFE)
Greg Berhalter will keep tennis and football residents expected (Photo: Bienvenido Velasco/EFE)

The work that Greg Berhalter has done with the United States must be closely appreciated. Today remains CONCACAF Leaderboard After his victory over Mexico, which went without any defeat. He placed the US team in Cincinnati with a score of 2-0 as the “leader” of the region.

The dispute that arose before the duel was resolved when the Americans staged a coup d’état. There was talk of how Mexico remained ‘superior’, although Berhalter confirmed after the victory that they had finally won. Respect for the Aztec team.

“We talked about Mexico disrespecting us and today we went out to earn that respect on the field. We played hard, we wanted to break the tempo and tire them out… “This is our impact on our opponents, If we press with and without the ball, it becomes a challenge for our competitors; It’s great to win this match at home with the support of our people. Now we are thinking about Jamaica,” the coach stated after the win at TQL Stadium.

Mexico suffers three consecutive defeats against the United States (Photo: Trevor Roskowski/Reuters)
Mexico suffers three consecutive defeats against the United States (Photo: Trevor Roskowski/Reuters)

While some, like the US head coach, rejoice, the other side of the coin is raining criticism. Gerardo stammer Martino He has been heavily criticized for the recent setback of the long-time rival, and there are those who are asking for his resignation or dismissal. What is certain then Falls three times in a row against the United States. Patience is short, especially because it’s something that had no record: the Nations League final, the Gold Cup final, an important area knockout match, and no victory went to him. tricolor

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