Simple Trick to Read Deleted Messages from WhatsApp Web

If a friend, family member, classmate or profession send you Message by WhatsApp Web and delete it immediately without giving you the opportunity to read it, curiosity to access that information can lead you to frustration when the topic being discussed is important or of special interest to you, now you do not know what they told you and then repent.

When Information If the deleted messages from the chat are relevant to you, it is possible to access the deleted messages in the computer version of this instant messaging application and restore those messages.

This is a trick only available for computers or laptops, as it requires you to do it from a file digital platform Access it through your Browser from Internet, which you should install a file Extension.

Using WhatsApp Web with Google Chrome browser, you can access this function to recover deleted messages. (Pixabay)

By the way, it is necessary to have a browser Google Chrome and enter the store chrome online store To download the extension safely WA Web Plus Direct and without risk to install it on your device the computer.

Another requirement is that you are not a beta user, because in those cases you are using the recently developed functionality of the company that has not been officially offered to the general public, it will not be compatible with the trick we are suggesting.

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To see if you are using this version, you should check when a file was linked device with the main account of The WhatsApp At the top next to your profile picture you will see the legend beta.

Get your messages back

When you install the extension on your browser, you have to click on the little puzzle icon that displays the extension panel that you will find between the address bar and your Google profile picture.

There select the newly installed extension and click on the three vertical dots that appear next to its name to see more options and click comment.

With this, a green cross icon will appear within a circle on the right side representing WA Web Plus and constituting a shortcut to enter.

We recommend WhatsApp Web Scan, we tell you how you can download the extension

When you reach this point, go to WhatsApp Web as usual and then tap on the icon that appeared at the top of the browser and a larger menu will appear, where you will look for an option Recover deleted messages.

Finally, you can see those messages that the other person is deleting, and you can check that they are working by asking a contact to send you a message and delete them for testing.

In that chat, you will see a new button shaped like a trash can and an arrow that you will press to recover messages that have been deleted.

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