Little Campazzo’s contribution to the victory of the Denver Nuggets

Facundo Campazzo had a negligible contribution to the Denver Nuggets (28-18), which beat the Atlanta Hawks (23-23) last night, 126-102, in a correct match corresponding to the regular stage of the NBA, in the United States. United.

I entered the 30-year-old base from Cordoba from the bench and worked for about 28 minutes.

The former Pinarol de Mar del Plata and Real Madrid player showed a great goal and made his hat-trick in the basket.

In addition, the starting point guard for the Argentine team completed his mission with 5 assists, a rebound, a recovery and two turns.

The most prominent player in the Nuggets victory at the soccer stadium in Denver was Serbian Nikola Djokic, who was crowned with 16 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists and two blocks.

Canadian goalkeeper Jamal Murray cooperated with 17 points, 4 goal assists and 2 rebounds.

In the losing team, the best came from main goalkeeper Tri Young, who finished the team with 21 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds.

The next Nuggets match will be at home on Wednesday against the Philadelphia Sixers (32-14), the Eastern Conference leaders.

Other scores: Charlotte Hornets 97 – Phoenix Suns 101 (in overtime); Toronto Raptors 117 – Portland Blazers 122, Los Angeles Lakers 96 – Orlando Magic 93.

Partidos de hoy: Washington Wizards – Indiana Pacers; Brooklyn Nets – Minnesota Timberwolves; Boston Celtics – New Orleans Pelicans; New York Knicks – Miami Heat; Detroit Pistons – Toronto Raptors Way Houston Rockets – Memphis Grizzlies.

Oklahoma City Thunder Dallas Mavericks; San Antonio Spurs Sacramento Kings; Utah Jazz Cleveland Cavaliers; Golden State Warriors – Chicago Bulls e Los Angeles Clippers – Milwaukee Bucks.

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