The capital of Haiti awaits a new day of protests – Prinsa Latina

Held by social platforms, religious leaders and opposition, the mobilization will also condemn the escalating insecurity and demand justice for police officers killed during an anti-gang operation in a poor Port-au-Prince neighborhood.

Its organizers are calling on President Juvenil Moise to abandon the Magna Carta reform project, which has not yet achieved the minimum consensus, although it intends to strengthen the personality of the head of state.

Many experts argue that the 1987 Constitution excessively divides power between the executive and the legislature, fueling political instability; However, others point out that the present moment, marked by the worsening of the social and political crisis, is not suitable for those changes.

There is also the controversy over the constitutional term of office for Moss, whom many opponents did not know as governor.

The day before thousands of people in the capital displayed Haitian flags and posters that bring down dictatorship, Long Live Democracy, as well as harsh messages to the United Nations and the Organization of American States, which they accuse of supporting an unpopular president.

No, no, we’re not going. No, no, we’re not going. In front of the Champs-Elysées, the main public square in the country, in front of the Presidential Palace, some protesters chanted, “We will not go to the elections until Juvenel goes to prison.”

The draft constitution, which was discussed among the various trade unions such as farmers, women’s organizations and political parties, promotes a return to the presidential system and allows for the re-election of the head of state.

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It also abolishes the Senate for the sake of the vast House of Representatives, restores political rights to the diaspora and introduces the personality of the vice president.

The project must be transferred to the popular council on June 27, as announced by the government, and after three months, general elections are scheduled to take place.

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