“Life is wonderful, its innocence ends”

Santiago Segura (Madrid, 1965) returns to theaters on July 8 with his new entry in family cinema. This time it’s Busy train: destination Asturias, a movie starring himself and Leo Harlem, who missed a train with a group of kids they were supposed to take care of.

The tape is loaded with tangleCrazy events and children escape and are freed from the pressures of adults except… Florentino Fernandez, the train conductor trying to put them on the right track. It will not be easy.

Success and the epidemic

director more than proud On this new stage, happy with the family he formed in the imagination with two previous films, the last of which was the highest-grossing film of the past year, surpassing the same Christopher Nolan so is tenet. Public recognition is what matters most to him.

Without fear of rolling all over pandemicDespite all the difficulties he has faced, he sees that people want to move away from the “sad reality” and present it to them. The results speak for themselves. torrent 6 He can wait, he does not rule it out, but now is the time of the white comedy in which he also surrounded by actors and comedians of the stature of Paz Vega, Itziar Castro, Marta Gonzalez de Vega David Jabo and others.

Question: With three films in the event of a pandemic, how do you feel, one rara review?

Answer: I follow my rhythm. Father there is only one It was pre-pandemic. In the middle of the epidemic, she released the second part, which was the most-watched movie ever, and it almost doubled that movie الفيلم tenetI feel sorry for Christopher Nolan, but he gave me a very strong personal flair… Now that we’re supposed to be dating, how am I going to miss a summer date?

Aren’t you afraid?

– In fact, if I had listened to sensible people who asked me to keep it until later… I used a metaphor so that they would understand me. It’s like a greengrocer is open but only has dried figs and I have a watermelon half open, what do I do, put it in the camera? If the vegetable vendor is closed… I saw that the cinemas were open but they lacked the product. Now it’s the other way around, the whole cam kind of coming out, but what I have is fresh, freshly baked bread because last week we finished mixing.

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– But isn’t it very difficult to shoot in a pandemic situation?

– We recorded this film in the fourth wave. It was very complicated. And the week before filming we saw Storm Philomena. I thought, what is this? what would happen?

The film takes place in the middle of a school vacation…

– I, like those Father there is only one I photographed them in the winter and it was supposed to happen in the middle of the summer and the kids turned blue from the cold, here I recovered healthy and decided they were in white week, so we already went with a coat. Salah! because he did Impressive cold. It was good for us that it was cold, but not snowy, because the movie is set in this country, not Alaska. However, I am very happy, because everyone we showed to tell us that they liked the movie, but that encourages you, because promotion is difficult.

– But you dominate the promotion…

It is too uncertain to say if people are interested, they want to see this product. If people want to go to the movies because they have lost the habit, or they don’t really want to see a movie about some gentlemen who left a train full of kids… that’s part of Upgrade functional. I know people wonder what happens to me if I go with the hat and T-shirt, if I’m old enough to do it. It’s not that I like being an advertisement guy, it’s because since you left your life and your skin to do it, you can’t really let that be known on any date that opens.

– And also in this film you shoot with children again, aren’t you afraid of Hitchcock’s words that shooting with children, as well as animals, is the worst?

I believe a lot in Master Hitchcock and I’m sure he had a negative experience with children, but mine was very positive. I agree with animals, shooting with animals is palms. You’ve shot dogs, goats, and two or three types of creatures and you see that they will always do the opposite. Here we filmed with some kind of lizard, and I thought that if we didn’t get along well with mammals it would be sleeping, but the lizard did what it had to do.

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Was the script born in a pandemic?

–Yes Yes.

Did that inspire you?

The real problem is the question whether we should write films with a mask. And I thought people didn’t want to see the sad truth. Life is so beautiful and wonderful but the ending is bad. Well, when you make a movie, don’t put such a sad ending, it softens the reality a bit. It happens to people like me who have an obsession comedywith a smile. We decided to stay away from the pandemic and create a world where that doesn’t happen. Either it was a time movie, because it was pre-pandemic, or from the future, but we didn’t want that either.

Santiago Segura and Leo Harlem, on the set of “A Todo Tren: Destino Asturias”

– So, in addition to Filomena, Covid further complicated the filming.

– It was very difficult: antigen tests, security measures, PCR. I think some neurons fell off because I would have done over 100 CRPs. I remember a nurse telling me, “Until you hit the eye you can’t count.” I replied that I didn’t think it was necessary much. But hey, you roll into a station, and you hold Extras Those in the foreground and people in the background come down with masks.

What was the solution?

We’ve got a lot of extras, but you take 40 and maybe a positive nine. One of the children had Covid, asymptomatic, but you need to isolate him for 14 days. And you, the director, have to stop the movie with the financial disaster ensuing, and the serious problem is that there’s no insurance that covers that. An epidemic is a type of natural disaster. I’m telling you, we saved everything, and I don’t even know how. Without a network, we were like trapeze artists There is no network. If you stop filming or keep paying the actors… In addition, the actors may have other obligations, you are given locations for a certain period. Imagine yourself at a station!

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And despite everything, he does comedies that don’t seem to be receiving recognition from the academy. You yourself say that your movie made more money than Tenet and instead went blank in Goya. annoying in the end?

–I am happy. In fact, it’s really good. If 1.4 million people come to see my movie, that’s the prize. This is the highest award for a director. I do not change it not even for all Goya. I tell you that many Goya winners appreciate the recognition, but they don’t mind getting strong support from the spectators. I still think it’s exciting for someone from home to go to the cinema to see a movie, especially in these times when you can watch on mobile, The magic of cinema is a little lost. In the cinema we made the ritual a little cheaper. I’m one of those romantic geeks who think cinema is great. You can enjoy the movie at home, but you stop going to the toilet, pour yourself a drink, it’s like interruption of intercourse. It is also true that every time people have an interval Attention More limited. That’s why I like to make movies for an hour and a half, there’s no valley in the middle, that goes in escalation. That’s what I’m trying, it’s challenges and I hope you won’t disappoint me.

Are you still afraid that one of your films will go wrong?

“Of course this exists. Today the coffers are low. In the UK and France there are already pre-pandemic reservoirs but not here yet. I have a little anguish in this regard. I also think the movies we see now are the moviesAnd the But a year and a half ago, when we watched the trailer and I hope people will see this movie as fresh, like my annual family get-together.

–A la Woody Allen Spanish.

Well, talent is different. But I would like the summer plan to include a vision Game Segura.

Does this mean you already have more projects in mind?

–exactly. I’m thinking of Father there is only one 3Because I love that family. You made a fake family that I love as much as a real family.

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