The 48th Toronto Film Festival revealed 60 films that will be among its programs

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

The Canadian festival, one of the most important festivals in the world, has revealed a total of 60 films that will be part of the concert programs and special screenings for the 48th edition.

Last week, TIFF actually announced that Canadian director Atom Egoyan's new film, Seven veilsInspired by opera SalomeIt will have its world premiere this year.

Among the films announced Monday include world premieres on Galas Dumb moneyWritten by Craig Gillespie; The next goal winsby Taika Waititi, and Emperor movieBy Ning Hao. In addition, new films by director Viggo Mortensen will be watched, The dead do not suffer; Michael Keaton Knox leavesAnd Ethan Hawke, Wildcat,

The special offers program includes: American fantasyWritten by Cord Jefferson. Unwanted thingsWritten by Ladj Lee; BurialWritten by Maggie Bates; the transferWritten by Lee Tamahori; Wicked little lettersWritten by Thea Sharrock and Woman of the hourIt is the first film directed by actress Anna Kendrick.

The special presentations also have the North American premiere of the film ecstasy, By Argentine Daniela Goji, inspired by the novel Dad's jump By Martin Sivak, with Rodrigo de la Serna, Giulietta Zilberberg and German Palacios in the lead roles.

The Abduction is a co-production of Paramount's International studio VIS, in collaboration with Infinity Hill (Axel Koshevatsky, Finn Glenn, Cindy Tepperman) and Rie Sin.

Festive performances:
Concrete utopia -M Tae Hwa (South Korea)
Dumb money -Craig Gillespie (USA)
fair play – Chloe Dumont (USA)
Flora and his son – John Carney (Ireland/USA)
Hate to Love: Nickelback – Lee Brooks (Canada)
is reading – Ellen Kuras (UK)
Naiad -Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin (United States)
Punjab '95 – Trihan Honey (India)
Just -Sophie Dupuis (Canada)
The end we begin -Mahalia Bello (United Kingdom)
Emperor movie – Ning Hao (China)
The new boy -Warwick Thornton (Australia)
Royal Hotel – Katie Green (Australia/UK)

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Special offers:
A difficult year – Eric Toledano and Olivier Naccache (France)
Ordinary family – Hor Jin Ho (South Korea)
American fantasy – Cord Jefferson (USA)
Anatomy of a fall -Justin Tret (France)
Near You – Dominic Savage (Canada/UK)
Happy days – Chloe Robichaud (Canada)
Kidnapping – Daniela Goji (Argentina)
Ezra – Tony Goldwyn (USA)
nails -Christos Niko (United States)
Four girls – Kawthar Ben Haniyeh (France/Tunisia/Germany/Saudi Arabia)
His three daughters – Azazel Jacobs (USA)
Assassin -Richard Linklater (USA)
Troubled Dreams: The Music of Paul Simon – Alex Gibney (USA)
to kidnap – Marco Bellocchio (Italy/France/Germany)
Knox leaves – Michael Keaton (USA)
Chimera – Alice Rohrwacher (Italy/France/Switzerland)
last summer – Catherine Breillat (France)
Unwanted things – Ladge Lee (France)
memory – Michel Franco (USA/Mexico)
Monster – Kore-eda Hirokazu (Japan)
Mother's sofa – Niklas Larsson (USA)
North star -Kristin Scott Thomas (UK)
One life -James Howes (UK)
Pain hustlers – David Yates (USA)
Pullman -Chris Pine (USA)
Reptiles – Grant Singer (USA)
Rustin – George C. Wolfe (USA)
Seven veils – Atom Egoyan (Canada)
Shoshana – Michael Winterbottom (UK/Italy)
He sang, he sang – Greg Koidar (USA)
Smugglers – Ryu Seung-wan (South Korea)
Swan song -Chelsea McMullan (Canada)
the monster – Bertrand Bonello (France/Canada)
Burial – Maggie Bates (USA)
the transfer – Lee Tamahori (Australia/New Zealand)
critic – Anand Tucker (UK)
The dead do not suffer – Viggo Mortensen (Mexico/Canada/Denmark)
Retainers – Alexander Payne (USA)
Peasants – DK Welshman, Hugh Welshman (Poland/Serbia/Lithuania)
Area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest – Jonathan Glazer (UK/Poland/USA)
Together 99 – Lukas Modisson (Sweden/Denmark)
Monocytes – Sally Al-Husseini, James Krishna Floyd (UK/USA/Sweden)
sensation – Paul Middleditch, Hamish Bennett (New Zealand)
Wicked little messages – Thea Sharrock (UK)
Wildcat – Ethan Hawke (USA)
Woman of the hour – Anna Kendrick (USA)

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