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The CONMEBOL national team championship has been played 29 times, and after the failure in Brazil 2021, the negative numbers for the national football are increasing.

Ecuador’s recent failure in the Copa America in Brazil 2021 for the national football represents an increase in its negative numbers in the competition it has participated in since 1939.

And despite going into the second round, Team Tricolor did so in a version where CONMEBOL quickly (having excluded guests Qatar and Australia from the competition, due to the COVID-19 pandemic) set two sets, of five picks each, the top four of their arcs advancing to Quarter-finals (that is, there was no stringency in the candidate who supposedly served to protect the technical quality of the tournament).

And although the new generations assert that the goals of Ecuador and the exclusions and disappointments of the Copa America did not happen except in the distant past, a period that some call the “pre-globalization era”, when “national players had no personality”, I confirm that they did not stop producing them. in contemporary times.

Ecuador has won 16 times in the 126 matches it has played since 1939.

In Brazil 2021 there were no national victories in five performances. He lost 1-0 in his first match with Colombia. Then, after two unsustainable advantages, it was equivalent to Venezuela and Peru 2, either way. And at the conclusion of Group B, in front of the host, they tied at 1. Thus, Ecuador became the only team that qualified for the quarter-finals without any victory.

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The victory did not come in the second stage because Argentina punished Gustavo Alvaro’s team 3-0. La Tri has completed 29 entries in the oldest national team tournament on the planet, but after 2021, it had 17 editions in which to finish without winning matches (58.6% of the time). It also happened in 1939, 1941, 1942, 1945, 1947, 1953, 1955, 1957, 1975, 1983, 1987, 1999, 2004, 2007, 2011 and 2019.

In addition, he won the second contest in a row. It happened two years ago, in Brazil too, when they backed Uruguay 4-0 in their first game in Zone C.

In Cuiaba, last June 13, a 1-0 loss to Colombia marked the 20th loss in 29 matches for the national team’s first in a Copa America since 1939. They won only twice at the start: in 1989 (1-0 against Uruguay) and 1993 (At home, 6-1 to Venezuela).

Ecuador has had nine consecutive Copa America matches without a win. His last win was 4-0 over poor Haiti, in the 2016 group stage. Later, in that centenary tournament, he lost 2-1 to the home country, the United States. In Brazil 2019, they fell to Uruguay (4-0) and Chile (2-1) and drew with Japan (1-1). In Brazil 2021, he lost two matches and drew three times.

And since 2001, when they beat Venezuela 4-0, La Tri has not been able to beat CONMEBOL teams in the Copa America (12 defeats and 6 draws in the subsequent seven editions of the “Cursed Tournament” of Ecuador, including the current one). (Dr)

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