Laura Benhomia has been elected Director of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences – El Sol de Toluca

Laura Elizabeth Benhomia Gonzalez She became the fourth woman elected to lead the School of Political and Social Sciences at the Autonomous State University of Mexico (UAEM) in 2021-2024.

The university council is expected to meet in the next few days Lu Tommy protest to start jobs.

It is worth noting that more than a year and a half ago the direction of the mentioned college was not renewed, because due to the epidemic the election was not called.

In this sense, a protest was taken from Maricarmen Sandoval Rubio as head of the office, as soon as Dr. Marco Aurelio Cienfuegos-Teron completed his term during the first half of 2020.


Benhumea González was selected by the community of the said college last friday.

In this sense, students counted 347 votes in favor, 93 from faculty members and 93 from faculty members. Dr., Emeritus Professor and Researcher Martha E. Nateras Gonzalez, physician, writer and researcher Jorge Arzati Salgado.

Upon his election, Benhumia Gonzalez She will be the fourth woman to hold the management of that college.

It was preceded by political scientists: Guillermina Diaz-Perez and Yvette Tinoco Garcia, as well as the interlocutor Janet Valero Filches.

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