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The club intends to increase the capacity of the stadium to 80,000 spectators, after receiving criticism about its age.


Manchester United are planning a renovation at Old Trafford that would increase the stadium’s capacity to 80,000 spectators, it was reported on Sunday. BBC.

The English team has been criticized in recent months, after being involved as a founding member of the European Football Premier League, by legends such as Gary Neville for the age of the pitch.

Old Trafford, which currently seats about 74,000 people, Not remodeled since 2006. Neville went so far as to say it was a “ruined stadium”.

Since 2006, almost all of their rivals in the Premier League have changed their stadiums or modernized their stadiums. This is the case of Manchester City, who moved to the Etihad Stadium; Arsenal who went to the Emirates Stadium, and Tottenham who went to Tottenham Hotspur. Meanwhile, Liverpool are planning to increase Anfield’s capacity in the 2023-2024 season, while Chelsea have already sparked a promotion from Stamford Bridge.

Old Trafford improvements will be concentrated at the Bobby Charlton Coliseum, as well as in the press and VIP areas. In order to implement it, the club will have to assess the potential impact on train lines and homes located near the stadium.

Built 111 years ago, on February 19, 1910, Old Trafford is the largest club ground in the United Kingdom, second only to Wembley Stadium. (Dr)

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