Lady Di reveals pictures of her wearing the ‘Revenge’ dress at The Crown 5

filming crown 5 She continues to amaze the audience and now new photos of Lady Di For this fifth season.

The Princess of Wales will wear the famous dress Dress “Vengeance”, in the black he wore after a few days of wearing it Divorce with Carlos.

As expected, the historical production of Netflix He will change the cast in the last two seasons and in Truth news We give you everything that is known about this fifth part.

Lady Di’s “Revenge” dress

Lady Di’s “Revenge” dress

One of the most famous dresses in history british crown He will appear in the fifth season, carried by the late Lady Di a few days after her divorce from Prince Charles.

The look of this black dress, also fit for the body of Diana, was designed by Christina Stambolian, who immediately crowned herself as ‘revenge dress.

Its use was due to response Diana before interview Carlos, where the prince accepted her betrayal on a national chain, leaving her free of any moral ties.

Who will play Princess Diana in The Crown 5?

Who will play Princess Diana in The Crown 5?

Elizabeth Debicki, the actress of French-Australian origin, will be the one who gives life Diana Spencer NS Season 5 of The Crown And we’ve already seen some progress.

In the case of Queen Elizabeth herself, in the past few seasons, it will be Imelda Staunton who gives life to the King of the United Kingdom, hoping that her performance will be on the same level as her previous performance.

talking about crown 5 It is known that production has already begun with filming and will continue until November 2022 when it will be delivered Netflix.

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