Mauricio Villa Dosal expands its collaboration with the UK to combat climate change

Under COP26, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal managed the UK government and agreed with it to continue and expand cooperation with Yucatán, by funding projects that contribute to efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change.

As part of her second day of activities at this global summit being held in Glasgow, Scotland, Villa Dussall met with Jenny McClellans, UK Director of Finance and Climate Change for the Partnership for Accelerated Climate Transformations (UK PACT), a British government-funded program to support countries and territories In implementing measures to reduce carbon emissions, with which I discussed plans and opportunities for future cooperation.

Within the agenda he set at COP26, the governor also held a meeting with Martha Delgado Peralta, Under Secretary of State for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, to discuss Yucatan’s participation in fulfilling Mexico’s commitments. With the High Level Committee for a Sustainable Ocean Economy, an initiative of 14 heads of state, we are committed to developing, stimulating and supporting solutions for the health and wealth of the oceans in policy, governance, technology and finance.

During the meeting with the federal official, Vila Dosal shared the progress made in citizen participation in the management and care of the Yucatan coastal region. As a result, Governor and Delgado Peralta agreed to follow up, through the Under Secretary for Multilateral Affairs, to promote the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Initiative as first steps for a leading country in this area.

When participating in the panel ‘UK PACT: The UK’s Leading Capacity Development Program Transforming Climate Transformations Globally Through Business Partnerships’, the Governor emphasized that, in the entity, significant projects are being undertaken with UK PACT, in terms of regulations, mobility, energy efficiency and removal Carbon from development, reflecting the confidence of this program for the UK, deposited in the territory, to meet its international obligations.

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In this sense, Villa Dosal stressed that it is necessary to demonstrate the progress made in the initiatives being implemented alongside the UK’s PACT and held in Yucatan, with regard to environmental care and sustainability.