“La Sorpresa ¡”: Venezuela, the only unbeaten in the U-23 baseball championship “CM”

It is very hard to believe this saying that I repeat over and over again saying: “Democracy alone, when it is so

Honesty rules the day: “Regarding the headline:”! La Sorpresa ¡: Venezuela, the only undefeated country in the world

U23 Baseball “CM””. I begin by recalling that the dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frías, 28 years ago

From July 1954 to March 5, 2013. Nicolás Maduro Moros was Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2006-2012.

Vice President of Venezuela 2013-2019, and his presidential term extends from 2019-2025.

Most Venezuelan baseball coaches trained in Cuba. They studied a bachelor’s degree in

Physical culture and sports, specializing in various sports disciplines, including baseball. But currently, according to my research, more than 10,000 specialists in physical education and sports work across the country, with the Venezuelan sports bases.

This is something that the Olympic Committee of Panama was able to do, under the guidance of the legendary Camilo Amado Varela,

Attorney, Damaris Young, who fraudulently presided over a COP when Cacique de Bandeportes was then,

Mario Perez formalized an agreement with Cuba Deportes, SA, and threw it down a toilet.

Before today’s challenges, let’s take a look at the status of the Group A medal. 1) Chinese Taipei. 2 wins ‘0’ loss.

2) Dom Republic. 1-1. Czech Republic 1-1. Mexico, 1-1. Cuba 0-1.

In group B. Venezuela 2-0. Colombia. 1-1. Korea: 1-1. Nicaragua: 1-1. Panama. Holland 0-2.

On today’s Panama challenge, September 26, 2021 against Korea in Group B when they are in

Episode #5 Panama has 4 points, 7 views, and 2 errors, and Korea 1 ran 2 ‘0’ errors. Korea scored another run

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In the fifth round, the match went 4-2. However, Panama scored another run, increasing its lead to 5-2.

Alignment of Panama: Adrian Montero (II B). Joshwan Abdullah (3b). Eric Alexis Murdock Gordon (LF), Erasmo Joel Caballero Ruiz, (DH). Abraham Daniel Rodriguez (1b). Enoch Wells, (SS). Louis Tello (CF). Rondala Simone Sanchez Ruiz (C). jar. Frias Sanchez Antonio et al.

Alignment of Korea: Kim Dooyoung (SS). Kim Donghuk (CF). Lin Zhongshan (RF). KO Myeongjun

(1 a b). Park Joo-Hung (LF). Jung Minkyu (3AB). Kang Donghyung (DH). Jeong Bokyun (CD). Lee Sangwun (2 AB).

Jar Zhou En Jar, et al. Panama won another race. We are all happy with Seeley’s “Under 23”.

The other challenge in Group A: Germany beat the Czech Republic 4-3. Germany 4 races 4 hits ‘0’ E.

Czech representative 3 runs 4 points, 2 fouls.

Now with loose notes: (Prensa Latina de Cuba,) dated September 25, 2021. (Leuven, Belgium), titled. “Sierra Quinta Cuban cyclist in the World Road Championships”. Content: “Cuban Arlenes Sierra finished the day in fifth place

The long-running race of the Road Cycling World Championships is hosted here until tomorrow. 28-year-old Sierra

Old, covering 157.7 kilometers starting from Antwerp and closing here at 3 hours 52 minutes 28

Seconds, one second behind Italian champion Elisa Balsamo.

The Italian rider on the podium was accompanied by the Dutch Marian Foz (3: 52.27) and the Polish Katarzyna Nevadoma (3: 52.28). Hungarian Blanca Fez came fourth, behind the Cuban Sierra came Canadian Alison Jackson, all with the same record. This result is the best Kobe place of her career in this fight, as she settled for 12th place during the 2019 edition in Yorkshire, UK.

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Meanwhile, Balsamu exempted Dutch star Anna van der Bregen from registration and regained the title for her

The country that previously celebrated the victory of Georgia Bronzin in 2011.

One note No. 2). Statement from (Prensa Latina), grew up in Guatemala on September 25, 2021,

It was titled: “Guatemala monopolizes the semi-finals of the International Badminton Championships, (a federation decided that the president is Dr. Rolando Villalas, but raped him, a Methusian COP and

Attorney Damaris Young). Content: “Guatemalan Kevin Cordon will be looking for a ticket to the Grand Final from VII today

The international badminton championship to be held in the capital until next Sunday.

After taking a historic fourth place at the Tokyo Olympics, Cordon appeared here last Thursday with a

A landslide victory over Canadian Jonathan Akin Mulroney and a part of 21-12, 21-7. eve followed

With his good streak, by dominating Canadian Kevin Lee (21-16, 21-12) and sealing his pass to one of the semi-finals of the men’s singles branch, this Saturday against Mexico’s Job Castillo. While in the women’s doubles, sisters Mariana and Alejandra Paez will compete against Francesca Corbett and Alison Lee of the United States. The event will be held in the Sports Amphitheater in District 4 of the capital, with the participation of players from

It hosts Canada, the United States, Mexico, Croatia, India and Guatemala.

The Zacapa native aspires to keep the gold at home, a path that seems easy and can lead him to quarrel over

I pray against his teammate, Robin Castellanos, who will face Canadian Victor Lay.” There are more words

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Guatemalan optimism. That’s how it is.

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