La Jornada – The new director of the Faculty of Science at UNAM takes office

Mexico City. Victor Manuel Velázquez Aguilar, Doctor of Physics from IPN’s Center for Advanced Study and Research, has taken over as Director of the Faculty of Science for the period 2021-2025.

He is Professor and Coordinator of the Quantum Optics Laboratory, Head of the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory at the National Laboratory in the same entity, and a member of the National System for Level II Researchers.

At the ceremony held in person, Velázquez Aguilar noted the challenges that must be faced over the next four years, such as continuing to work alongside subject teachers – who last March began the movement to improve working conditions in this field. sector, and with the women organizers of the college.

He indicated that his administration will be aware of the students, academics and workers of this entity to support and assist them in order to continue their activities.

“I would like the entire community to be consistent in solving the various challenges we face and working together; and they take into account that the doors of the administration office, telephone and mail will always be available for dialogue and agreement on the solution together.”

On being awarded the position, General Secretary Leonardo Lomeli Vanegas confirmed that this is the first act of this kind carried out in person since the beginning of the pandemic, and is a sign of the university’s gradual return. for his physical activities.

“During these months, the college was able to continue to work and face complex challenges. He stressed that this entity in cooperation with the central administration of the university will continue to improve the working conditions of the academic and administrative staff and the safety of our students.

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