The legal profession refuses to report the prosecutor’s guarantees to trial.

Amounts demanded by the Audit Bureau:

Artur Mas, former president of the Generalitat de Catalunya: 2,797,993

Carles Puigdemont, former chief of the general: 1.981.454,47

Oriol Junqueras, former Vice President of the Generalitat: 1,969,154,51

Francesc HomsFormer Minister of the Presidency of the Republic: 2,952.689,85

Andrew Maas ColeilFormer Minister of Economy: 2,791.645,42

Raul RomevaFormer Foreign Minister: 2,108,818,32

Roger the PiƱanaFormer Secretary General: 38.666,56

Amadeo AltavajThe former representative of the European Union: 66,609,94

Louis BeltranFormer Secretary General: 5.122,96

Albert CarrerasFormer Secretary General: 4.291,92

David MaskortFormer Secretary General: 1.058,79

Joachim NinFormer Secretary General: 163,889,75

Jordi VillaguanaFormer Secretary General: 147.168,45

Alex FilatoroFormer Secretary General: 146.948,57

Mire Vidal OrteFormer Comptroller General: 3,164,694,10

Rosa Vidal PlanellaPrevious interlocutor: 1.8 million

Albert Royo, former Secretary General of DIPLOCAT: 3.6 million

Berry PuigGovernment delegate in Brussels: 1,117,69

Adam CasalsGovernment delegate in Austria: 136,829,79

Eric HookGovernment delegate in the Balkans: 4.794,72

Ramon lineGovernment delegate in Portugal: 12.300.000

Francesca GuardiolaGovernment delegate in Denmark: 3.039,42

Luca BelizziGovernment delegate in Italy: 95,747,54

Andrew Scott, Government delegate in the United States: 241.382,47

Ewa Adela SylvaniaGovernment delegate in Poland: 244,456,38

Manuel ManelisGovernment delegate in Switzerland: 141.177,33

Marty AngladaGovernment delegate in France and Switzerland: 34,691,61

marizzie oliveDelegate in France (now deceased): 22,725,27

Serge MarcinDelegate to the United Kingdom and Ireland: 177.952.73

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Josep SuarezGovernment delegate in the United Kingdom: 115.103, 60

Mary KatinkaGovernment delegate in Germany: 49.130,73

Mar OrtegaGovernment delegate in Germany: 15,833,64

Maria BadiFormer Minister of Foreign Affairs: 3,863.59

Jordi SoleilMEP: 6.363,59

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