La Casa de Papel: To what extent is the Netflix series based on real events

With the end of La Casa de Papel on Netflix coming to an end, which will premiere in December, many fans have been wondering, is it based on a true story?

After the massive rise in popularity on Netflix, Stealing money The focus on the Madrid Foundation has been a topic of interest. But what is reality and what is fiction in this enthusiastic show?

La Casa de Papel: Were there robberies that inspired the Netflix series?

The installation series, which originated as La Casa de Papel in Spain in 2017, focuses on a group of thieves attempting to carry out a heist on the royal mint. The premise doesn’t seem entirely implausible, causing many to question the inspiration for the thriller.

Is it based on a true story? Well, yes and no: despite the Spanish TV producer Alex Pena He created a fictional show to appeal to a global audience, which, despite the fact that the premiere in Spain was initially less favourite, has some nods to real life that make things seem more compelling. The gang’s unique red suits and Salvador Dali masks are all realistic references to socialism and antisocial.

But what about the theft itself? Did something ever happen, even if the gang we met on the show didn’t try? The answer is that today there was no attempted robbery of the royal mint in real life, though Possibly true events such as the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum robbery and the Antwerp diamond robbery inspired La Casa de Papel in some way.

The House of Cards on Netflix You can use real life locations in your script, but your filming locations have been changed a bit. Most of the series was filmed in Spain, but the National Research Council of Spain was used instead of the Royal Mint.

La Casa de Papel: How many true stories are behind the Netflix series?

During the series, you will meet with actors in different European cities. As reported a few weeks ago, the underwater bunker scenes were filmed in the UK, while the third part was filmed in Panama, Thailand and Italy.

With such a captivating storyline and great locations, it is very surprising to think that the show was originally a failure in 2017 when it was shown on the Spanish TV channel Antena 3. Thank God for Netflix To save the day, right?

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