Kin-iro mosaic Thanks!! Shows trailers for a new movie

Kadokawa’s official YouTube channel leaves us three new videos of Kin-iro mosaic Thanks!!New animated movie based on the manga Kin-iro Mosaic From Yui Hara. The first introduces us to the main voice cast and a general trailer.

The second is for Shinobu Omiya.Win De Asuka Nishi)

The third is by Alice Carlett.De Manami Tanaka win).

MoninOri Noi (R-15, NAIKAIMO) The film director will be under jokumi studio And also AXsiZ. Yoneko Ayana (Hello! KINMOZA, Kinmoza! Kinero + Mosaic) is responsible for the script, while Kazuyuki Ueda (Hello! KINMOZA, Kinmoza! Kinero + MosaicHe will design the characters.

Other team members will be:

  • steering assistance: Takahashi Yamamoto
  • animation trend: Kazuyuki Ueda, Masaru Koseki, Naoki Yamauchi
  • background design: Shigeyuki Koresawa, Tom, Michiro Odaka (Digital Noise), Masaru Koseki, Chisato Nakata
  • Art direction: Chikaku Shibata
  • color design: Fuyoto Moruchi
  • color control: Ritsuko Utagawa
  • Photography direction: Satoshi Yamamoto
  • sound direction: Jin Akitagawa
  • Song: Rokka Kawada
  • Music Production: flying dog
  • Produce: ginko

The cast will return from previous installments of the film franchise:

lonliness rudanthe * de la franquicia, compuesta por las seiyuus Asuka Nishi (Shinobu Omiya), Manami Tanaka (Alice Cartelet), Risa Taneda (Aya Komichi), Yumi Uchiyama (Yoko Inokuma), Nao Toyama (Karen Kujo) y Ayaka Suwa (Honoka Matsubara), se encargará de poner el tema main con “Kin-iro Rohdanthe”.

Sinopsis de Kin-iro Mosaic Thanks!!

Shinobu Omiya is a 15-year-old student. And although her black hair and cute eyes make her look like a normal Japanese, she went to the UK when she was in high school. While he was longing for the days he spent abroad, one day he received a message…

The series for the first time in Manga Time Carrara Max In April 2010 and also the first TV animated movie was shown in 2013, followed by the second in 2015 and a special episode in Japanese theaters in November 2016.

The movie will be released on August 20 In Japanese cinemas. If you don’t want to miss any details about video games, technology, anime and series, stay tuned to our news section.

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