TikTok brings the Olympic Games to the global community

Every four years, the world’s best athletes gather to show off their skills, and these Summer Olympics were no different. Fans discover the latest and greatest athletes and athletes moments from the Games through the Olympic Search Hub on TikTok. Content from our community, Olympic-related accounts to follow, plus featured Olympians, creators, hashtags, and more.

Celebrating #SpiritOllympico on TikTok

Throughout the games, #EspirituOllympico has been one of the most popular hashtags worldwide on TikTok. Launched in association with the International Olympic Committee, it has garnered more than 5.6 billion views globally. Unite the whole world in celebration of games. In Mexico alone, #EspírituOllympic has inspired the creation of over 24,000 videos. And more than 270 million views during the three weeks that the Tokyo 2020 Games lasted.

TikTok has also allowed Olympic partners to connect with a new generation of Olympic fans by showing off their creativity. Also, share authentically with the community. P&G has teamed up with TikTok with Olympians, Paralympians, and creators. This is to show normal people that #LideraConAmor through their kind actions. Capitalizing on this moment of union, these Stories encouraged others to #LiderarConAmor and share the stories of those who inspired them.

The world’s best athletes have turned to TikTok Answer the most important questions from his fans and Show your celebration dances After winning, with their unique personalities shining through these videos in a relatable way.

Some of the most famous Olympic athletes created content that was popular on TikTok throughout the Games: American rugby players Cody Melvy (Tweet embed), Ilona Maher (Tweet embedand British sprinter Lafie Nielsen.Tweet embed), For example but not limited to.

In the case of Mexico

Athletes such as diver and National Sports Award winner Rommel Pacheco (Tweet embed), created positive digital content across the contest for his nearly 4 million followers. Tokyo 2020 was the last episode of his sports career, which is why he served as the standard-bearer for the Mexican delegation. He had an affair in the final of the 3-meter podium, where the audience and participants applauded him.

At the same time, gymnast Alex Moreno (@alexa.moreno.mx), Archer Anna Paula Vazquez (@anapau.vzfs), weightlifter Jorge Adan Cardenas (Tweet embed) and the former Paula Moran (hahahahaShared with fans The life behind the event, demonstrating the healthy competitive spirit that often characterizes Olympians.

Other athletes, such as gymnast Daphne Moreno (dafnenavarrol), also gives a “taste” of what it’s like day to day in a city like Tokyo, and how Long live the streets of passion And the joy of this international competition.

Fans also followed some of the most watched athletes on TikTok, such as the Brazilian skater (Tweet embed(With nearly 156 million views and Filipino weightlifter Hedlin Diaz)@HD) with more than 141 million views.

Among the most popular Olympic sports that have been popular on TikTok worldwide is #football, with over 30 billion views. Or #basketball, with over 3.6 billion views. #skateboarding, which debuted at the Games this year, has garnered nearly 1.8 billion views.

TikTok brought together communities with diverse viewpoints

About a shared love of sports, the athletes and the teams that matter to them. Throughout the Games, we’ve seen fans in Mexico, the US, Vietnam, Turkey, the UK and Australia create the most videos on TikTok inspired by their favorite Olympic moments.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics may be over, but the fun never ends on TikTok. Where fans can follow their favorite teams and athletes and enjoy the most epic sporting moments.

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