Keir Starmer opens a new era in the UK with the challenge of achieving economic growth

The sun rose on Downing Street just minutes before the new Prime Minister arrived. United kingdom, Keir StarmerTo his followers, it could be interpreted as a sign of the times to come; to his critics, as another example of the unpredictable British weather. Starmer appeared to applause and cheers with his wife, Victoria, who had recently arrived from Buckingham Palace at the behest of King Charles III of England. Formation of the government“Whether you vote for labor Party “As if it weren’t so — and especially if you didn’t — I’ll tell you directly: Our government will serve you,” the new leader said in front of dozens of cameras and surrounded by his followers.

A few hours ago, former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak He announced his resignation and publicly acknowledged the electoral failure that led to the elections. The biggest defeat for the conservatives in their entire historyWith 121 MPs in the House of Commons. “I have heard your anger and disappointment. I believe that responsible “For this defeat,” he said from the same podium where a jubilant Starmer appeared hours later. Apologies For citizens not to achieve their goals and called Reconstruction The follower Conservative Partywhose leadership plans to leave once the internal process of electing a successor begins.

Before leaving Downing Street permanently, the Conservative leader also wanted to wish the new prime minister well. “In this work, their successes will be our successes too,” he stressed. But doubts about the new government’s ability to deliver on its promises have grown during the election campaign, due to Slow economic growth which the country has recorded in recent years and Forecasting For this year (0.4% of GDP) and for 2025 (1%), According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentThe figures are lower than those recorded by countries such as the United States and Canada, as well as the eurozone average.

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Risks of promises

Among Labour’s key proposals is to carry out 40,000 extra consultations a week across the country. National Health Service (NHS) Wave 6500 teachers employed In high school. Some proposals plan to finance it with taxes on the profits of big energy and oil companies and with a greater fight against tax evasion. Starmer’s goal is to stimulate the economy through investment in Housing and infrastructure constructionBut some independent organizations have warned of the dangers of making promises based on expectations that have not yet been met.

The prime minister insisted that all his election promises were deliverable, but he also sent a message that Reason“Changing a country is not like flipping a switch. The world is a more volatile place than ever before and that will take time.” Voters delivered a comfortable victory for his party, winning 412 MPs – out of a total of 650 – but they also made clear that his number was unpopular and that the result of this election meant nothing. A blank check. The Labour leader knows that the reasons for his victory lie, more than his own merits, in Punitive Voting To a Conservative Party that is exhausted after 14 years of scandal, internal divisions and broken promises. It is a vote that the Conservatives could win back if the new government does not deliver.

Starmer has delivered a message of unity and hope for the future, with a focus on rebuilding the country. The party has promised to reform British employment law, renationalise almost all passenger rail and create a state-owned energy company, as well as boost investment in the green transition. All with the aim of restoring the confidence of a public that seems more detached from politics than ever before. “We have looked the other way while millions of people have been pushed into greater insecurity. Nurses, builders, drivers, carers… people are doing the right thing and working harder than ever before. I want to say very clearly to these people: this time it will be a ‘no-no’,” the new prime minister said. Only time will tell if he succeeds.

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