Kate Middleton's uncle reveals what is happening to the Princess of Wales and sets the date for her first public appearance

What's wrong with him and where is he? Kate Middleton He is one of the big mysteries since the abdominal surgery he underwent. The Princess of Wales was last seen last Christmas, and since then nothing has been heard, causing many rumours.

Kate Middleton did not appear in public again, except for a photo in a car and another that she posted on social media and later deleted after it became clear that it had been edited. Information also frequently arrived from the British Royal Household. Distrust of Kensington has grown so far after his uncle Gary Goldsmith decides to reveal what is happening.

Kate Middleton's uncle gave an interview to GB News after being fired from a reality show. In his words, Goldsmith makes it clear that what his niece is suffering from is an illness. Likewise, he wanted to send a message of reassurance by ensuring that “she has the best people looking after her.”

“He is on a good path. He has the best support on the planet“, he said. He did not want to give more details about what was happening. Before concluding, he indicated that he would be able to appear in public again on Easter.

He concluded by saying: “They (the British Royal House) said we would see it at Easter and nothing has changed since then. They have been very transparent.”

Kate Middleton returns to public appearance

The date coincides with the information revealed by The Times. Specifically, they have developed it It will be April 17th When Kate Middleton will appear in front of the cameras again though Kensington Palace has not released a specific date or event at the moment.

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They announced from Kensington that Middleton will remain convalescing for up to two weeks at a London clinic and that he is “unlikely to return to public activities until after Easter.”

The facility, the most institutionalized in the UK, asserts: “Kate can Address ambiguity about your health At a public event.” In this way, the Princes of Wales will try to put an end to the storm that has broken out over the princess’s health.

The main source will be a person A friend of the couple, who has known Guillermo and Kate since their school days. “They have always been very open when it comes to interacting with public opinion, and I can see the possibility of the Princess speaking about her recovery at some public event. If she did, this would be the way to do it.” ” He said.

He added: “It's not that they didn't know there would be a lot of speculation and interest, but they were confident that people would give them the space they asked for, which is what happened for a month.”

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