La Jornada – The crisis in the Cuban health system due to the economic blockade: Aleida Guevara

Acapulco, puppy. While giving a conference on the Humanity of the Cuban Revolution, international doctors, pediatrician and allergist Aleida Guevara warned that Cuba is facing a crisis in its health system, due to the economic blockade imposed by the United States, which has become more severe since the presidency of Donald Trump. .

Although Cuban doctors are at the forefront of manufacturing various vaccines, they face a shortage in the production of medicines such as paracetamol.

Guevara Marsh stressed that because of this, the Cuban authorities sought to find mechanisms to improve the health care of the population, which had diminished in various sectors, such as the acquisition and manufacture of medicines, since the measures imposed by the United States, and they even stopped the solidarity movement, because “there are serious pressures” against the governments. Which is trying to negotiate or help Cuba.

Guevara Marsh explained that among the mechanisms implemented by the Cuban government is the establishment of health councils that work for healthy aging and combating sedentary lifestyle, smoking and alcoholism.

Likewise, launching projects in the fields of traditional medicine, green medicine, acupuncture, elderly care, as well as internationalism.

In the context of the twenty-eighth national meeting of solidarity with Cuba, which began in Acapulco last Friday, under the slogan “Solidarity exists!”, Guevara March stressed that “we must look for other alternatives to life,” recalling that Cuba is one of these alternatives. The oldest country in the region, specifically since 2010, the population over the age of 60 began to grow, which currently represents 21.3 percent of the Cuban population, due to the exit of many young people from the country.

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However, Guevara March, Ernesto's daughter Che Guevara stressed that “if we do not own what we own, we will never have sovereignty,” and noted that Mexico must defend its territory and sovereignty inch by inch.

Guevara's presence at the march, in addition to more than 200 delegates from the Mexican Solidarity Movement with Cuba, attracted social leaders, activists, academics and students to the Ammar Recreation Center, the headquarters of the activity, in the presence of the Cuban ambassador to Cuba. Mexico, Marcos Rodriguez Costa; As well as Guerrero Guerrero's daughter, Lucio Cabañas, Micaela Cabañas.

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