United Kingdom | Resident doctors strike to demand a 35% increase in their salaries

by Spanish Euronews with EFE

Doctors based in England began a four-day strike on Tuesday, demanding better pay, threatening to transform patient care in the National Health Service (NHS, for short in English).

It is estimated that around 350,000 medical appointments, including operations, will be cancelled, due to the compulsory measure supported by these professional members of the British Medical Association (BMA).

The strike centers on a wage dispute between the Bahrain Monetary Syndicate and the government, the union claims UK-based doctors have seen wages fall by 26% in real terms since 2008 because pay increases have been less than inflation. – Currently at 10.1% -.

The government considers a strong salary increase unsustainable, around 35%, to modernize salaries.

The BMA warns that the salary problem is making it difficult to recruit and retain resident doctors.

Stephen Boyce, chief medical officer for NHS England, warned against this A strike could put “tremendous pressure” on staff and patient care services.

NHS England has asked medical staff to prioritize emergency care over other appointments to ensure people in life-threatening situations are cared for.

Health Secretary Steve Barclay told the media it was “extremely disappointing that the British Medical Association has called a strike for four consecutive days”.

“Strikes will not only jeopardize patient safetyBut it was also set to cause maximum disruption after the Easter break.”

“I was hoping to start formal wage negotiations with the Bahrain Monetary Agency last month, but Your demand to increase your salary by 35% is unreasonableHe confirmed.

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This strike by resident doctors comes after others have been supported in recent months by workers from other sectors – such as railways, airport security or nurses – demanding higher salaries.

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