Judge rejects Donald Trump's appeal in the UK and he must pay a $385,000 fine

British Judge Mark Warby rejected the appeal filed by Donald Trump's lawyers in London Through which he intended to cancel the ruling requiring him to compensate him in the amount of $385,000 to the company of Christopher Steele, the retired intelligence officer who published a controversial file about him eight years ago.

Last September, the former US President filed a data privacy lawsuit against Steele and his company Orbis Business Intelligence. Alleging that he damaged his reputation by promoting “grossly inaccurate” claims about his ties with Russia.

File prepared by Christopher Steele It was alleged that Trump conspired with the Russian government to win the 2016 US election and that the Kremlin had compromising information about him.

In his defence, the former British spy publicly maintained that his statements were merely unverified evidence, which required a thorough investigation, and thus reiterated that they should never have been revealed.

In this regard, last month, Judge Karen Stein chose to dismiss Trump's complaint He also ordered him to cover just over half of the amount corresponding to the legal fees paid by the plaintiff to defend himself.

Donald Trump's legal resources are not enough in the UK, and he has to cover the sentence imposed on him since last month. (Credit: Evan Vucci/AP)

from here, The 77-year-old New Yorker was asked to repay £300,000 (about $385,000).

In response, in order to avoid paying his penalty, Trump's lawyers appealed the ruling, but Judge Mark Warby, in addition to not finding sufficient elements to approve the request, found that some of the Republicans' arguments were contradictory.

The judge noted that “Trump's appeal would have no real prospect of success.”

Christopher Steele, through a statement, thanked the two judges responsible for his case for their support, whether in the lawsuit filed against him or in the appeal that was filed later.

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“We believe this was a vexatious and baseless case that should not have been brought before the English courts at all.

“We now expect to receive an interim payment from Donald Trump and new compensation for costs once the court resolves the details,” the letter read.

So far, the businessman who aspires to rule the United States again has not issued any comments on the legal battle he lost in the United Kingdom.

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