Science in Play 2024: Registration begins

With the aim of promoting a space for dialogue between scientists and students of different educational levels, Science in Play is being developed for the fifth year in a row, an initiative implemented by the Scientific Professions Promotion (VocAr) Program of the Directorate of Education. Institutional relations of CONICET.

This activity seeks to recover the symbolic meaning that letters had in the history of science as a channel of communication between specialists and proposes to initiate dialogues that awaken new ideas, questions, knowledge and calls.

More than a hundred researchers from CONICET working in various disciplines representing the four main areas of knowledge: agricultural sciences, engineering, materials, biological and health sciences, exact and natural sciences, social sciences and humanities are participating in the proposal. One of the virtues of the “Science in Play” activity is the possibility of making the Council’s presence visible throughout Argentina, bringing together, through virtual reality, students with different actors of the scientific system in different parts of the country.

This proposal is open to courses in the last three years of primary education and the first years of secondary education. The space-limited activity begins when the responsible teacher completes the steps Form The “School Registration” section is located on the school’s website. FOC R program.

Previously, the profile of the specialist who will be interviewed in the department must be determined “Files of participating scholars”. The teacher will then receive an email confirming the researcher's assignment and, from that moment, will be able to write a group letter, as a last resort, specifying the day and time of the meeting.

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Registration is now open. For more information, click here.

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