Shooting from Lebanon towards Israeli military sites

Hezbollah confirmed in a statement that there were direct casualties after it attacked the Al-Malikiyah site with Burkan missiles in the western sector of the southern border.

At noon, resistance fighters bombed the Israeli Al-Rameem barracks, east of the border fence, with artillery shells.

In this context, Israeli media reported that an Israeli soldier was injured by fire fired from Lebanon towards the Al-Rameem area.

At the same time, sirens sounded in the Golan Heights amid fears of drone infiltration.

Channel 12 reported in Hebrew that a drone from Lebanon exploded in the Hermon Mountains in the Golan Heights.

For its part, Israeli warplanes bombed the villages of Khiam and Taybeh in southern Lebanon.

This week, Israeli bombing led to the killing of more than ten civilians, including paramedics, in attacks on the towns of Al-Habbariyah, Al-Naqoura, and Tayr Harfa.

In the face of this ongoing hostility, Hezbollah continues its operations against settlements, barracks, bases, and the deployment of Israeli soldiers, in response to Zionist crimes on Lebanese territory and Gaza.


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