Costa Rica rejects a request from the United Kingdom to receive African migrants – Article 66

The Costa Rican government said on Tuesday that it had rejected a request from the British government to receive migrants deported for arriving illegally in the United Kingdom, in an attempt to replicate an agreement it struck with Rwanda.

“We inform the United Kingdom that Costa Rica will not receive any migrants from abroad,” Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chavez wrote on the social media site X.

Chavez reacted in this way after information published by The Times in the Costa Rican press on Monday, according to which the United Kingdom had begun talks with Costa Rica and several African and South American countries such as Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Brazil and Colombia about its project. A plan to deport immigrants

The Costa Rican Foreign Ministry stressed in a statement issued on Tuesday that “our country has not accepted such a proposal in any way.”

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that there were talks between the two governments about “challenges” in “immigration affairs,” but added that “this does not mean any commitment to receiving migrants abroad.”

The project, launched by Boris Johnson's government in 2022 and sought to be implemented by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, consists of sending irregular migrants to Rwanda until their situation is resolved, and has raised major questions from human rights organizations.

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Sunak and Rwandan President Paul Kagame confirmed in London a week ago the intention to begin deportations.

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