Joy vs happiness, how they differ

Emotions are part of everyday life, the way we relate to others and our personality. It is true that, depending on the situation, each person can react differently, although there are some of them

Essential to human beings: Like joy.

Joy and happiness may seem synonymous, in fact, they are completely related to each other, but they are not exactly the same. One can be a part of the other, although happiness is and always will be

It is the goal that we all want to achieve All our lives. Seeing the scope of each term is what makes us know the limits that each term places in our lives.

Joy vs happiness, how they differ

As we mentioned, joy shares space with all those other emotions

Necessary for lifethe duration of which is ephemeral and instantaneous, and is directly related to some event that occurred at the present time or recently.

The main difference with happiness is that it is not part of that set of emotions, but rather happiness

It is considered more than one country Which can extend over time, and in which there may be other negative or unpleasant sensations, but it does not affect the durability of well-being.

This is what separates one from the other. Humans have the ability to be happy, even when they know there will be bad or frustrating moments. It is a way of life, a permanent category of making

Let's face the problems Which may arise with another situation.

The explanation between one and the other, supported by experts, makes us abandon the imagined idea of ​​instant happiness. Marketing happiness, which

It's all a cash product In today's society, its meaning has been distorted.

Through self-help books, social networks and emotional coaches, the idea has been promoted that happiness is feeling good all the time, doing fun things and constantly being surrounded by people. But happiness is something more complex and…

A compendium of different thingsAs we told you, it is not always positive.

Happiness is being aware of ourselves, what we experience in each moment, and above all, what we experience

Find your life purpose. There's also the matter of hedonism, which is another trend that has also gained popularity over the years. But it's not about choosing between one or the other, it's about trying everything possible.

Achieving true happiness is not a bed of roses, but rather the ability to not need much and

Be satisfied with what you have. On the one hand, this encourages you to aspire to be your best version, but at the same time it encourages you to develop a more realistic view and see things in order to appreciate them. If you change your inner world, you can also modify the outer world, and this works to achieve happiness and joy together.

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