The United States confirms that racist rhetoric is common in Spanish sports and cites the Vinicius case –

United State It was stated in his book a report annual on rights Humans Which Rhetoric racist And Xenophobe It's an ongoing problem Events Sports” in Spainas shown in the player case TRUE Madrid Vinicius Junior.

shouted the football fans Offense Racists Brazilian football player TRUE Madrid Vinicius junior During a match on May 21 at Valencia“Refers to the text prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which analyzes the situation in… rights Humans in the world during the past year.

In the last two seasons, the script notes, Vinicius “Face Offense Racists By fans on 10 separate occasions, including an incident in January in which fans hung a doll wearing a T-shirt bearing the Brazilian player's name on a bridge near the stadium. TRUE Madrid“.

Before this event, it states to divide CountryThe Spanish government has taken measures to respond to this issue racism And the Ministry equality The “Yes It Does” campaign launched in November 2022 racism“To fight against discrimination ethnic.

On July 4, the government agreed strategy against racism And the Xenophobia 2023-2027, which established procedures for filing complaints before Public Prosecutor's Office general Through letters Dislikes Racists And Xenophobes.

he advice From the ministers On July 25, he also approved a proposal from Ministry Of inclusion Allocating 22.5 million euros Finance annual To combat racismthe Xenophobia And the discrimination.

This report is from to divide Country Serves as a guide to Congress from the United States When determining the foreign aid granted to each country and situation Vinicius It is within a section dedicated to analysis racism And the Ethnic discrimination.

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