Rehabilitation: How a multidisciplinary and personalized approach helps patients' well-being

The rehabilitation process increases patients' independence and participation in activities related to their professional roles, adapting to their needs (Image infobae)

It is commemorated on March 23 every year World Rehabilitation DayWith a goal Make informed To the population about its importance. According to data provided by the World Health Organization in 2023, it is estimated that 2.4 billion people have a health condition for which rehabilitation can be beneficial.

The World Health Organization defines rehabilitation as: A group of interventions aimed at improving performance and reducing disability In people with health conditions in interaction with their environment.

In this sense, the international organization takes the initiative “Rehabilitation 2030”Through it, it highlights the importance of strengthening health systems worldwide, with the aim of providing better rehabilitation services, and highlights that An essential and critical health service.

“Rehabilitation provides various benefits because it can bring Reducing the effects of various health conditionswhich helps facilitate Recovery Preference for adapting context and activities, and providing supports The lawyer said this was necessary to achieve the best possible outcome. Adriana FiorinoDeputy Operating Director for Interdisciplinary Programs at INECO.

The World Health Organization defines rehabilitation as a set of interventions aimed at improving functioning and reducing disability in people with health conditions in interacting with their environment (Image infobae)

In this context, the specialist added: “Performing the rehabilitation process provides patients with many tools, because it encourages them to… independence and participate in activities inherent in different professional roles, through methods adapted to their needs.

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For this reason, rehabilitation plans are essential a personality It is designed to suit the characteristics of each patient and their environment, focusing on the specific condition to be treated. Moreover, it is important to be able to obtain supports From the person's closest circle, to accompany him in this process, and from society in general, which must provide opportunities for integration and coexistence.

Rehabilitation can take place at any time of life and covers different areas, with the participation of various health professionals, including: Neurologists, psychiatrists, occupational and recreational therapists, speech therapists, kinesiologists, music therapists, neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, among other things. Therefore, it is usually implemented Multidisciplinary and comprehensive treatments.

About 2.4 billion people have some health condition for which rehabilitation can be beneficial (illustration)

“At the same time, adequate rehabilitation at various stages of life contributes to the promotion of… Healthy aging. “In addition, if some kind of deterioration or compromise in skills appears, rehabilitation seeks to improve the quality of life and enhance the independence of patients, through various stimulation activities,” Ms. Fiorino said.

In line with this, INECO has the programme “Eneko's house”targeting people Over 60 years old Those who need care due to their health condition, which provides care and treatment in the context of their homes, with the aim of providing it to them Home care And your favor Care. Additionally, it is a way to support their families and caregivers.

He explained: “In this way, a diagnostic plan is developed, on the basis of which the patient's needs are evaluated and a multidisciplinary action plan is proposed that includes the participation of various fields.” Laura Martinez ConnGraduate in Occupational Therapy from INECO and Coordinator of the INECO CASA Program.

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