Jose Contreras, a Latina talent who makes a lasting mark in West Hollywood

Jose Contreras success story -Originally from Caracas, Venezuela- It seems natural today that it becomes so The first choice for athletes and singers to get tattoos It took more than just his desire to succeed.

studying “tattoo dealβ€œIt really is Mandatory stop for those looking for the perfect tattoo And thanks to Contreras, “Another Tiger Tape” has become a thing Literally because of the realism it prints For her designs of lions and tigers that adorn the skin of her customers.

Jose grew up in a humble family in Caracas, Venezuela, but his desire to succeed little by little led him to achieve bigger and bigger goals. their business They have spread on social media all over the world. His talent has already reached countries such as France, United Kingdom, Denmark and Argentina; became his art Conversational topic at various prestigious conferences and studiesAmong them are “Dark Age Tattoo”, “No Regrets Tattoo Studio” and “Last Rite Tattoo”.

The cherished studio “Ganga Tattoo” is currently home to his talent, with celebrities like Nicky Jam, Post Malone, Chris Brown and Drake, among others arriving. It has gained correctness and accuracy Jose Contreras is known as the “wizard of tattoos”. Odell Beckham Jr. Lonzo Ball, Robert Lee Griffin III, and Chief David Njoku are some of the characters who claim to wear Contreras graphics on their skin.

On the other hand, he is also a source of inspiration for those who have begun in body art, not only because of his indisputable talent, but also because of the humility that characterizes this boundless dreamer who seeks to separate from It is a taboo in some regions about the “tattoo” culture.

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To meet him and work with him, under these circumstances, was absolutely unrealistic.”

Satisfied with his long and increasingly admired track record, Contreras has recently become the Chosen by American rapper Post Malone to carve a lump on the inside of his left thigh through an operation under general anesthesia performed in a private practice in Los Angeles, adding this exceptional condition to his extensive resume.

“Honestly, I’ve been a Post Malone follower – for several years – so meeting him and being able to work with him, under those circumstances, was completely unrealistic for me,” he says.

Just try to put yourself in my shoes And imagine yourself in the operating room and you see how your idol is being drugged and he is lying there asleep, while you have to focus on your work, which is an unconventional situation, but without a doubt, one of the best experiences I’ve had in my career,” Arrow surprised.

The promise of tattoos seeks to establish itself in the aforementioned art and does not seem to be far off, ever since His work footprint is expanding every day Thanks to his talent and the tendency that celebrities begin to show him. your posts on instagram They show their vision and artistic ability.



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