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The wedding boom has once again boosted the business of the Jesús Peiró wedding dress company, which has been run by Jesús Diez since 1988. The arrival of the pandemic has delayed thousands of ties – in 2020 90,416 marriages were celebrated, 45.7% less than last year, according to institute data. National Statistics, resulting in a significant decrease in demand for clothing. “We came from a turnover of around five million euros and we’re down 23%,” says Diez of the company’s headquarters in Villadecans. Now, all the work multiplied.

The sector estimates that links will exceed pre-virus numbers in 2022, a rebound effect that has caused a string of orders at the company, which has operated these months at a frantic pace. “We even had to make a suit in 48 hours, although the normal thing is to fulfill orders in one to two months,” Diez says. Reserves for wedding dresses for next year do not stop growing, so if health permits and the planned weddings take place, the company expects to increase sales by 40% compared to this year, when it will bill nearly four million.

The owner claims domestic production, which he has kept for more than 30 years

The flow of orders has never been so easy to manage. “We have been able to do everything because we have not scaled back the structure despite the fact that in 2020 the business has decreased – the CEO explains -; we have decided to continue with the planned investments, and this has allowed us to mitigate the decline in sales last year and to cope with the current increase in the demand “. Among other things, Jesús Peiró has expanded his sales team to search for new markets and increase exports. The company is already international in nature. It has a presence in more than 30 countries through 250 points of sale and 80% of its turnover comes from exports. In fact, its main markets are the UK, Italy and Germany. “By 2022, we want to make the leap in the US and try to grow in Asia,” explains Dies.

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The increase in production is absorbed by domestic producers and workshops. The company never wanted to take the clothes out; Almost all costumes have been sewn in workshops in Catalonia for more than 30 years. “We maintain a high quality textiles ecosystem that must be valued; Customers appreciate local production,” he asserts. Yes, they have modified designs and trends. If five years ago brides were looking for simple dresses, now they want the opposite. Diez sees a greater demand for “luxury and exclusivity.” Cape dresses, coats, and bodycon jackets And the lace…Many brides also order two party suits.If you have to wait longer for your wedding, you’ll want this elegant.

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