“This is nothing compared to the January peak.”

Shade omicron variable It has darkened the European map at a massive rate in recent days. One of the The most affected is the United KingdomThe high number of Covid-19 positives has caused a significant increase in hospital pressure. but nevertheless, “This is nothing compared to the peak we reached in January and February.”, guarantee a Spanish nurse working in England And that he lived these two years of the epidemic from the front line.

the The situation has been contained “This is important for all of us to understand,” stresses the above nurse, Lara Baia. In an interview in Antena 3 Noticias, the young woman insists that the latter is the reason ‘Vaccines have a crucial role’. Precisely for this reason, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked citizens who have not yet been vaccinated with the booster dose to do so immediately.

Intensive campaign to encourage the third puncture

In the UK, for a few weeks, a vaccination campaign too intense for Encourage people to come to vaccinate it Third puncture And the nurse realized that this was paying off: “There are very long queues because people get the message and understand that This third dose to strengthen our immunity is very important“.

the 90% of admissions to the intensive care unit Because of covid-19 in the country are people He has not been vaccinated. A profile endorsed by Payá and adds that not only hospital admissions are in intensive care but also those admitted to the ward.

“We have to live with this virus”

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The procedure that has just been approved in Spain and that has already been approved a few days ago in the UK is Reducing the quarantine period from 10 days to 7 days. As it is a modern strategy, it is difficult to know what repercussions it will have, but the nurse considers it a good method “Start moving forward” And also “to start reducing all the restrictions that we had before,” because, as Baya explains, “maybe we have to try to understand that we have to live with this virus.”

to end, The nurse sends a message to our country Which has followed a trend similar to that of the UK but is two weeks late since the pandemic began: “Let’s hope England is doing well.” For Spain to follow suit and we learn from each other Because, practically, we have no other choice.”

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