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Suddenly WhatsApp messages were not sent, Instagram photos did not load and it seemed impossible to respond to Facebook posts, this is because Mark Zuckerberg’s three social networks, started to present failures around the world from 11:30.

Although most of the effects were on WhatsApp, users also reported that photos and videos cannot be viewed in other applications.

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The decline occurred worldwide in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia, as well as India, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Through a message on Twitter, Facebook admitted to the failure of the service.

“There are a number of issues currently affecting Facebook products, including game streaming. Various teams are working on this and we will update it when we can.”

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The minutes passed and the service began to normalize until the afternoon. WhatsApp reported that he had been offline for three quarters of an hour.

The app said on its Twitter account, “Thanks for your patience, it was 45 minutes long, but we’re back!”

During those minutes, dozens of users used microblogging to count WhatsApp failures and took advantage of that time to create endless memes.

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In 2020, Instagram and WhatsApp become part of the Facebook family, allowing the linking of the three social networks.

Recently, WhatsApp has been affected by a drop in the number of users migrating to Telegram after announcing changes to its service standards, which is the same reason why it decided to cancel this process.

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