Telegram: how to open it on the computer and other tips from the app

With th whatsapp drop this On Friday, many users switched to their app cable To be able to connect while restoring service.

althoug cable It is used regularly on cell phones, and it also has properties Downloadable web version about PC. Here we tell you how Get it and Features.

Telegram for PC

Like other apps, cable It allows you to log in on a laptop or desktop computer using the mobile application; However, this app now lets you download a PC version, It is available in operating systems Windows, Mac, Linux 64-bit y Linux 32-bit.

How to download Telegram to computer?

The first thing you need to do is Go to the department Applications From Telegram.orgAnd the Official Website From the messaging app. Once in, look at the section Desktop applications For desktop applications, and Click on the link Telegram for Windows / Mac / Linux To enter the downloadable official app.

You will be taken to a new page where the OS The one you are connecting from, and you will be presented with the desktop version of that system.

only here You have to press the button Get Telegram in return In the name of your operating system. Below you will see the possibility to download the portable version, which is the version that does not need to be installed and you can download it to USB to use on any computer.

If you download the regular version, then do Double-click the .exe file Which you download to start installation. In the first window that appears, you will have to confirm your language, which by default will preset the language you have in your operating system.

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Later You will have to choose the install folder and hit next one. You can decide to leave the suggestion by default or choose one manually by clicking check up.

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In the next two steps, you just have to choose the folder in the start menu where you want to install it, then decide whether or not you want a shortcut icon on the desktop. After choosing these parameters, You will be taken to the last screen with a summary of your selections, And where you only need to click Installations moving forward.

After the installation is done, the Process window will give you the option to automatically launch Telegram, although you can do so later whenever you want. When you do that, you will see an English language screen with the button Start messaging To configure the application.

If you want, pass the mouse Across the screen, and Click the button Continue in Spanish That will appear when you hover over it. After that, you will move to the Spanish version that you will have to click on Start chatting.

After pressing the button Start chatting, You will go to the screen where You have to write your phone number In order to verify your identity. To do this, write the number and click on the button next one.

On the next screen You have to type in the code that Telegram will send you On the phone. By default, it will send it to you as a message within Telegram, so that if you log into your mobile phone, you will receive it directly there.

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But if you wish, you can also request that a code be sent to you via SMS to the number you entered before.

And that’s it, you will have already started a session with Telegram and can start using it normally. There will be all the conversations that you have been having with your mobile phone. Press the button with three lines on the top left to open the options menu, Where you can activate dark mode or log in to a file Settings To configure the application and its appearance to your liking.

After performing the respective download from cable about PC, You can configure your account to your liking and discover Features Like:

  • Register a new account
  • Log in with an account already created
  • Send a text message
  • Send gifs and stickers
  • Send files in various formats
  • Send voice notes
  • Upload files
  • Delete and edit messages
  • Schedule sending messages
  • Consult, create and share groups and channels
  • Manage groups
  • Use chat folders
  • Activate dark mode
  • Send messages to yourself
  • Interface customization
  • Set advanced options

But Telegram for PC also has some limitations that you should know, such as:

  • You cannot send pictures using the computer camera
  • The site could not be sent
  • It does not have the function of sending secret messages
  • It is impossible to use two accounts at the same time

So for future drops in service The WhatsApp There are other messaging apps to communicate with a name Telegram and Signal.

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