Princess Leonor and the important step to be taken as an heir to the throne of Spain | Celebrities and royalty

Princess Leonor will star in her first solo act next Wednesday, at the head of the Cervantes Institute headquarters in Madrid, commissioned by Felipe VI, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the cultural entity.

As a token gesture, Leonor de Bourbon will deposit in Caja de las Letras a copy of the constitution that she read on October 31, 2018, in her first public words, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the Magna Carta, the sources from the House Report.

He will also keep the book “Don Quixote”, which he participated in during the pandemic, reading the works of Miguel de Cervantes on April 23 with Infanta Sophia through a video recorded at Palacio de la Zarzuela.

Heir to the throne 15 years, He will visit the facilities of the Cervantes Institute to learn about the Foundation’s digitization projects.

You will also visit an exhibition containing a sample of notable literary works in the various common official languages ​​of Spain.

The event at the Cervantes Institute is Another step in the process undertaken by the royal family is for the Princess of Asturias to gain public and institutional fameThis is a very important event.

The imposition of the Golden Fleece by his father in January 2018, the day Don Felipe turned 50, was a turning point at this point.

In the same year he gave his first public speech reading Article 1 of the Constitution at the Cervantes Institute, and in October 2019 he gave his first speech at the Princess of Asturias Awards in Oviedo, which was followed by the speech in which he starred. The following month in Barcelona at the FPdGi Foundation Awards.

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Leonor de Bourbon, who will turn 16 on October 31, will be studying two baccalaureate courses at a boarding school in Wales (UK) from September, and the Kings will pay for them (€ 76,500).

During your stay in UWC Atlantic, Leonor de Bourbon will bring her education in line with her institutional commitments in Spain.

Institution in Wales will take place upon completion of the compulsory secondary education (ESO) course at Santa Maria de Los Rosales Private School, where he has studied from elementary school with Infanta Sofia.

The visit of the Cervantes Institute next Wednesday will be the first public appearance of the firstborn king this year.

Her last act took place on December 11th during the FPdGi’s Board of Trustees meeting with the Kings and their sister at Palacio de El Pardo, although their attendance was not originally scheduled.

Two months ago, he was at the Princess of Asturias Awards in Oviedo and on a visit to a model city of the principality.

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