Italian police investigate a series of alarming fires in Rome

A spokesman for the Italian police said today, that the Italian police have opened a new investigation after the latest fire that occurred a few hours ago in Via Casilina in the capital, near the archaeological park of Centocelle.

On Sunday, a police spokesman reported that a preliminary report has already been sent to the capital’s prosecutor’s office, and judges will proceed to formalize the opening of the file in this case, adding to other similar incidents in recent months.

For his part, the mayor of this city, Roberto Gualtieri, noted in a message posted on social networking sites “an impressive series of episodes that put Rome and the Romans to the test.”

“We are constantly monitoring the situation and we still don’t know if they are criminal episodes or just negligence,” Gualtieri said regarding these events, particularly those that have affected the east of this major city since Saturday afternoon.

As a result of this last fire, a thick cloud of black smoke invaded a large part of Rome, from Cinecittà to the Appio region, including the center and the Circo Massimo region.

To stop the progress of the flames, it was necessary to use about 100 firefighters, assisted by police and police, with about 50 vehicles and two helicopters, according to statements of a local source published by Il Tempo newspaper.

The fire traversed the Palmero Togliatti road and also spread to the Turrispacata region, making it necessary to evacuate the residents of the area and mobilize the surrounding health facilities to care for the victims.

“All emergency rooms have been alerted of respiratory symptoms,” said Lazio Region Health Adviser Alessio D’Amato.

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Claudio Mancini, deputy of the Democratic Party, noted in this situation, in statements to local media, that “it is now clear that Rome is under attack by vandals.”

Luigi D’Angelo, emergency operations coordinator at the Italian Civil Protection Department, revealed last Saturday that from June 15 so far more than 900 fires have been reported in Italy, largely due to the severe drought affecting Italy.

D’Angelo referred in particular to the fact that “fires develop within the Ring Road in Rome, as happened recently in Muratella, Magliana or Pineta Sacchetti”.

A spokesman for the police forces indicated that the western region of this city is the most affected by these accidents, in particular the towns of Orillia, Bosco Marengo, Osteria Nova and Via Angelaresi, amid a severe heat wave. And strong winds.

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