The Google Maps function that saved a driver in the UK from a fine and imprisonment that you must activate | technology

While Google Maps is very useful for not getting lost on the way to work or on a trip to that great beach where you rented a house in the first week of August, it also serves to avoid some fines.

We have talked many times about the advantages of using Google Maps for all those who use their cars on a daily basis. Not only is it a really reliable GPS service, but it also alerts us to both fixed and moving speed cameras.

And that’s not all, with Google Maps we can access all kinds of useful features to get the most out of the app and get rid of uncomfortable situations along the way.

Well, the same thing happened Jamie Chalmers, 21, who was fined £100 for not paying for three hours in a car park. Well, he got away with it thanks to his phone’s Google location history.

Mr. Chalmers, who was celebrating his twenty-first birthday, He was surprised when I arrived because he knew he didn’t park his car there, And he did not use the car on the day in question.

Then he resumed the claim and He was able to establish his whereabouts in Portsmouth, England, by accessing his Google location history.

Since the location history allows users to review the locations of the past days, weeks, and months on a timeline through the Google Maps app, the boy was able to prove his innocence.

Google Maps on Android Auto has trouble distinguishing between day and night

After tracing his history, he sent proof of his location to the company that fined him (Premier Park Ltd, a variant of English TelPark) This had to be abolished Later thanks to a baby test that was ready and fast.

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So, from the whole story, we should get something clear: To insure ourselves against possible neglect, it’s time to activate your location history in Google Maps. When in doubt, we leave you here how to access this much-needed option. It can save you from fine.

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