It won’t be “Barbie Girl” in Margot Robbie’s Barbie movie

buzz about the movieBarbie“, With Margot RobbieIt grew, this week, after the release of the first picture of the actress in the character. It is an update that the live action will not use the famous song “Barbie girlsFrom the Aqua collection.

The information has been sent to diverse by the manager Ulrich Muller Jorgensenwho runs the career of a singer AquaLynn Nystrom. The reason is simple, aqua and Mattelwhich owns the rights to the Barbie brand, has fought a legal battle for years and the regrets remain.

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When the song was released in 1997, Mattel wasn’t happy. Company executives fear the song will harm the brand. Therefore, they submitted a file the demand Claiming that “Barbie Girl” featured a decadent look of the doll, complete with suggestive lyrics and clips.

Barbie Girl topped the UK chart for four weeks, selling 1.4 million copies in the US alone. It’s a real hit, and cam He didn’t like Mattel at all. The label claimed that the song was a parody, which is permitted by law, and bodice for Mattel libel. Neither operation came to anything, but the animosity remained.

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