Opinion leader Musk is now searching for his place in the world… from Twitter

Over 88.5 million followers on Twitter and his power on other social networks made him the founder of Elon Musk TeslaAnd SpaceX And the future owner of the social network, as an opinion leader. There is a lot of speculation about what role it will play once the takeover of the company becomes effective and to what extent a relevant role in its organizational structure could harm it or the company.

In “Information”, Javier RamirezAttached to the General Directorate of Diamond Consulting The South African entrepreneur is considered a “super leader” both in business and in forming an opinion on those issues that really matter to people and about the future of humanity.

In consulting, they work with a methodology that measures leadership according to ten factors ranging from communication to influence, through commitment. It can be said that musk gets a mark in the vast majority of them. Of course, he warns that the richest man on the planet will face a series of challenges or risks if he decides to take over the management of the company.

Among them are a possible boycott of advertisers if there is no control over content posted on Twitter, as well as potential regulatory problems – mainly in the EU and UK – but also those derived from desirable expansion. In China with Tesla or the one related to the loss of credibility in case he was wrong in his decisions and his role within the tech company. The leading Misk file helps you to complete Elena Bellomajor in public relations at the College of Business Administration IBS.

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