“It is not time for revenge yet …”

Mercedes and Red Bull They have rivalry That in their days they had a Ferrari and a McLaren. The Germans continued to attack the Austrians, after seeing how the energy drink brand “touched” so many of its workers that Join their ranks.

This was confirmed by Tutu Wolf, in statements he made to “Sky Sports Formula 1”, where he acknowledged that More than a dozen of its employees They “switched sides”.

“A hundred people have already approached. He scored 15 of them, maybe. “

Then he warned, perhaps sarcastically … or perhaps not: It is not time for revenge yet. “

“We have about 900 employees. We are the only recruiter for UK engine mills. “

Of course, Woolf downplays the issue: “They are not the performers, they are mostly the manufacturing. I think they want to build the company, And to take 15 is normal. “

I give credit for your project, however They have a mountain peak to climb. I would like to fight with these units from Red Bull Power, “Joomla.

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