Let the search begin! Kate Middleton Surprises Britons by Leaving Cached Copies of Her Book “Hold Still”

Kate Middleton He started a games chapter in the UK to mark the launch of his picture book “Proved”. The 39-year-old Duchess of Cambridge attended the National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Hospital in London on Friday to celebrate the launch of her new book, which contains 100 images that reflect the different experiences of Britons amid The COVID-19 pandemic.

wife Prince William Pictured in an Eponine double red woolen coat, adorned with a beige pleated skirt and matching heels. In a statement, the special book documenting the unique collection of photos was announced for sale today in the bookstores of the Arab Republic of Egypt. United kingdom And online. Proceeds will be split between a leading mental health charity and the National Portrait Gallery.

Kate shared on social networks for Embed a Tweet That, with the support of The Book Fairies, a UK-based book-sharing organization, copies of the work will be distributed in public places for people to discover.. The future Queen of England, the Duchess, has hidden 150 copies ofProved” In secret locations in the UK.

Let the search begin! We’ve collaborated with bookfairies_uk throughout the day to share copies of Hold Still in the UK with you, ”said the post posted Friday morning on social media.“ Each copy is decorated with a gold marker of a fictional book, a gold ribbon and a letter from the Duchess hidden inside. ”

“To make this activity even more special, the book’s fairies, Hold Still rulers and contestants in the last 100 photos are leaving copies in places that gave them hope during the closing.” In the post, you can see a mother of three laying one of her books on the grounds of Kensington Palace so that any passerby can take it without paying anything.

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