Issste report on the incident that occurred at the Buena Family Medicine Clinic | Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers | Government

In a violent manner and attacking employees and beneficiaries, the former worker entered the clinic accompanied by people from outside the institute, causing damage to property and nine public employees, who had previously received medical care.

The competent authorities are already initiating legal procedures in this case.

Immediately after the start of the demonstration, the authorities attached to the medical unit, the Office of the Regional Representative of the Eastern Region of ISSSTE in Mexico City, the central offices and the union to which it belongs reached out to find out their requests and the reason for his protest. But he refused to explain it. It should be noted that since last February 2, he has stopped coming to work without any justification.

Currently, work continues in a tent outside the CMF Balbuena facilities.

At different times when he demonstrated, he was accompanied by people outside the institute, who blocked Avenida del Taler, in the office of Mayor Venustiano Carranza, where the headquarters of the Joint Maritime Force is located.

CMF Balbuena Deputy Medical Director noted that the service has not been suspended and has support staff to provide continuity of care.

CMF Balbuena maintains its normal activities and receives rights holders without any setbacks. Issste continues to be open to dialogue to listen to its members and the population in general, always respecting and adhering to the regulations.

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