Does Jaime Lozano blame his players? “The United States is defeating us because it is in Europe.”

Jaime Lozano He spoke at a press conference after the 0-2 defeat to United State He blamed his players for not being in Europe, in addition to dropping the quarantine in favor of the Mexican Federation.

Jaime Lozano stated that one of the reasons for the defeat to the United States was the lack of national talent in Europe, as the United States, as he put it, is strong for this reason.

Jaime Lozano said in a press conference after the loss to the United States: “The difference is the number of players in European clubs, daily life is different, and the competition is different.”

Jaime Lozano also said that the US decision to send its young players to Europe made the difference for the Mexican national team, so that is the main reason to continue competing.

Jaime Lozano says Mexican football should aim to send players to Europe to be competitive

Jaime Lozano He showed his face after playing seven matches without being able to overcome United State He stated that Mexican football should give priority to young players who will compete in Europe.

Jaime Lozano knows his position is in doubt after defeat to the United States in the World Cup CONCACAF Nations League Because he hasn't filled the void on the bench, but he knows Mexico is in trouble.

Jaime Lozano said: “I said that, we must train the players better, and sell them at an early age. This is the best thing that could happen to us, to the Mexican national team and to everyone in general.”

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Jaime Lozano stressed that in order to compete with the United States, we must generate enough talent in Europe to keep up with them, “and that is the difference that we have today.”

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“We have to learn from failure,” said Jaime Lozano, who avoided the word “failure.”

Jaime Lozano He was asked in the press conference whether he saw losing the World Cup final as a failure. Nations League before United State Who stated that we must learn from defeats.

Jaime Lozano said: “Whenever you lose, you have to learn. A few months ago we were lifting the Gold Cup. Today we have to be on the other side. We always want to win. Today was not our day,” and he did not answer. The main question is about possible failure.

Jaime Lozano has also not stated whether or not his place in the Mexican national team is guaranteed, so rumors will continue to circulate giving Jaime Lozano a potential exit.

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