Interactive film exhibition will be released in theaters

Interactive live action movies aren’t exactly new, but they’re on the rise after their debut in the ’80s, thanks mostly to the bombshell they were. Bandersnatch on Netflix. The new proposal of the genre that can give enough talk is exhibition, Created by Aviary Studios, And it will be shown in many cinemas in the United Kingdom. That’s right, viewers will decide in real time what will happen in the game/movie, with over 150 decisions branching out more and more.

The story is also quite striking, as it takes place in the years 1981 and 2021. We will be in an art gallery, where the hostages were taken. During the movie/game, we will unravel the mystery that unites the two eras, the difficult political moment that the United Kingdom has gone through during both years will be shown, and the fate of the different characters will be determined. The main actor is George Bladden (“Vikings”) Anna Popplewell (“Chronicles of Narnia”), with other British actors. These concepts have always seemed interesting to me, and I’m curious to try using them exhibition Once it goes on sale on all platforms next April.

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