Alberto Kornblit is the new member of the French Academy of Sciences | Together with other internationally renowned scholars

Argentine researcher Alberto Kornblit has been elected as one of 16 new members of the French Academy of Sciences As a foreign member of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Genomics Biology.

“Following the elections that opened in 2021, the Academy of Sciences has just elected 16 new foreign participants. Foreign partners contribute to the international reputation of the Academy and their number cannot exceed 150,” the foundation said in a statement.

A reception ceremony will be held for the newly elected officials. June 14, 2022, Under the dome of the Institut de France,” the academy added.

Who is Alberto Kornblit?

Scholar was born in Buenos Aires on June 30, 1954 Molecular biologist, researcher at Conicet, Professor in the UBA School of Exact and Natural Sciences and Director of the Institute of Physiology, Molecular Biology, and Neurosciences (Ifibyne)

Since 1997 he has directed his research laboratory in the College’s Department of Physiology and Molecular Biology.

The main topic of his research is one of RNA modification mechanisms It is called “alternative splicing”, by which a single gene is able to generate many proteins.

He is the author of more than 100 research papers published in international journals that have received over 14,000 citations and has presented at numerous conferences and symposia.

On May 31, 2018, Kornblihtt participated in the 15th day of debate on the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy in Argentina in the 15th plenary session of congressional committees, expressing her position in favor of legalization.

“A pregnant woman should have the option and the right to terminate a pregnancy prematurely. Quite the contrary She becomes a kind of slavery to her fetus due to social or religious normsThat does not depend on the gradient of intrauterine growth,” he said at the time.

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Founded in 1666, the French Academy of Sciences is a The Society of Scholars selected from among the distinguished French and foreign specialists. It studies the political, ethical, and social issues surrounding current and future scientific issues.

In the early 2000s, it amended its bylaws to rejuvenate its staff so that at least 50 percent of new members would be under 55 during each election session.

The Academy currently has 277 members, 122 foreign participants, and 63 correspondents.

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