India to impose stricter quarantine on UK travelers in response to UK measures

MADRID, October 2 (European press) –

India will introduce a mandatory ten-day quarantine for travelers from the UK in response to the draconian measures of the British, who do not recognize vaccinations in the Asian country and therefore also require a ten-day quarantine for travelers from the former colony.

According to sources quoted by the newspaper “The Times of India”, the new restrictions will apply to British citizens whether they have been vaccinated or not. These include the need for three PCR tests to detect COVID-19: one at least 72 hours before departure, another on the day of arrival in India, and another eight days thereafter.

These measures are a reflection of those taken by the British authorities, which require ten days of quarantine and two PCR tests to detect the disease.

The decision comes as a result of the British authorities’ refusal to accept Indian vaccination certificates as valid, so vaccinated travelers from this country are considered unvaccinated.

According to a British spokesman, quoted by the newspaper “The Times of India”, the British authorities continue to cooperate with the Indian government to expand the recognition of vaccination certificates for the Asian country, although this recognition, as Britain warns, may take some time.

In recent weeks, several meetings have taken place between British and Indian representatives in an attempt to advance mutual recognition of vaccination certificates, but so far to no avail.

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