CFE reform must take into account the avant-garde energy sector, IMEF

Subject to in-depth analysis of the reform proposal to strengthen Federal Electricity Authority (CFE), el Mexican Institute of Financial Managers (IMEF) considered that guarantee a energy sector from the vanguard.

“Any reform like the one that has been announced recently and those that are being put forward, must be viewed in light of the energy transition with a long-term vision and highlighting the importance of a developed energy sector in Mexico,” said the President of the Republic of Mexico. IMEF, Angel Garcia Lacorin Valero.

It must be ensured that it provides high quality services at prices that ensure the competitiveness of society a job He noted the welfare of Mexican families.

When announcing the results of the IMEF index containing the behavior of the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors up to the third quarter of 202, he indicated that this was the vision of financial executives, as something recommended by the cost of energy infrastructure.

He pointed out that the Minister of the Interior, condemned Augusto Lopez, this morning, presented a constitutional reform to strengthen conventional armed forces in Europe, and added that among its contents is the aforementioned lithium as the state is exploring it.

He estimated that “I think it’s a strategic issue that we need to analyze further, it’s measures that have barely been announced.”

In this regard, Delia Paredes, a member of the IMEF Index Committee, considered that the energy issue is fundamental for the future because it means the competitiveness of the country.

“It happens that there is a matrix that is competitive, diversified, and above all low in pollution, in this framework we have to analyze what to send,” he said.

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With regard to the issue of inflation and energy prices, the specialist ruled out that Mexico would face a situation similar to the situation in the United Kingdom, where gas prices They are flooding small businesses due to the lack of those raw materials.

I realized that a lot of what moved inflation in Mexico, is the subject of rising gasoline and gas prices.

He said that what happens in the UK is very specific as a result of Brexit.

“In terms of supply, I don’t think we have the same problem as the UK,” he said.

IMEF indicator

From the IMEF Index, Angel Garcia Lacorin stated that during the month of September there was a slowdown in economic activity again, especially in the manufacturing sector.

He explained that the cycle of trends, both in the industrial and non-industrial sector, remains in the expansion area.

However, he indicated that when adjusting the company’s size, the manufacturing index fell, albeit slightly, to the contraction area, while the non-manufacturing index rose to return to the expansion area.

“These results are in line with weak external demand linked to global problems in supply chains and a significant increase in transportation costs,” he explained.

With this, it can be inferred that during the third quarter the national economic activity suffered a significant slowdown, the size of which will be known at the end of the month with the timely publication of the estimate of GDP by the forecast Inegi.


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