The UK will send a new aid package to Gaza

According to the British executive, the idea is to increase its humanitarian support in the region, six months after the resumption of the armed conflict between Israel and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

He explained in a statement that the ship will contribute to the establishment of an international humanitarian sea corridor from Cyprus to Gaza, “with the support of many of our partner governments and the United Nations, and work is expected to begin in early May.”

Previously, the UK pledged to allocate nearly 10 million pounds (about 11.3 million euros) to deliveries and “maximize levels of assistance to those people who need it most.”

According to the text, the situation in the Palestinian Strip is horrific and the possibility of famine is real.

This announcement comes days after seven volunteers from the World Central Kitchen organization, including three Britons, were killed as a result of an Israeli missile attack on the Gaza Strip.

Regarding what happened, London renewed its call for “an immediate humanitarian pause that leads to a sustainable ceasefire, which is the quickest way to return the hostages to their homes safely and for more assistance to arrive.”


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